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                      You are very clever, but also want to hard ah!


                      In addition to learning, we have no other choice.


                      Who amusement, who doesn't have time to study.


                      He has no difficulty, and have the courage to dare to.


                      Small small into is suspected, big suspected!


                      Every kind, is always a good day.


                      Want to have confidence, and then go all out.


                      Can say not line, it is not true wisdom.


                      The first duty of a person in the courageous enough to probe into the truth.


                      Believe that you do, you have infinite vitality.


                      A young don't work hard, the boss ACTS sorrow.


                      Hate others, the pain is yourself.


                      A bit more careful, a little less regret.


                      Happiness is like drinking water, affair.


                      Love, is life's guardian angel.


                      Used to defect is the biggest drawback.


                      Is there every day, don't listen to natural without.


                      Born as a VIP, dead also as a soldier.


                      How much heart, the stage have how much!


                      Knowledge storage in the modesty of the sea.


                      Tense and orderly, and efficiency is the key.


                      Action is the most noble ideal.


                      Self-control is the strongest instinct.


                      Torch fell, the flame is still upward.


                      You don't brave, no one strong for you.


                      Xian from wisdom, wisdom given up in.


                      Lost at the moment, also lost the future.


                      The world is difficult if you put your heart into it.


                      As long as there is spirit, not afraid of no battlefield.


                      Leisure is a house, not often wear.


                      One avoid is dead read, read drill horn to death.


                      Low-key, trade-offs between, there will be a gain or loss.


                      The youth should be early to, how long the young.


                      Love spell will win, the pursuit of beyond.


                      Try can line, the struggle was going to win it.


                      Lazy people will never be inspiration.


                      Time is the capital of knowledge workers.


                      Failure is a thing, never should be a man.


                      To cheer, to the next level.


                      You are not afraid of difficult, difficult is afraid of you.


                      How ever you may work hard, you will have much luck.


                      S) in the practise,!


                      To climb the mountain, no stand foot.


                      Better to refund and netting the pond.


                      The heart is like a mirror, frequently wipe all the time.


                      Should know learning is difficult, care about a little often.


                      No conifers constant, the rare snow middle.


                      The secret of invention in ceaseless effort.


                      Even god cannot change the past.


                      Poor and a stronger, don't drop the qingyun.


                      Mountain dwarf, road stretching from the foot.


                      Hard to name another miracle.


                      The shortest between two points, "hard".


                      There is love in the heart, is a heaven on earth.


                      A strong man will struggle with the storms of fate.


                      To dream anything that you want to dream, not dead don't stop.


                      Learning such as driving, hiking, not to advance is to go back.


                      The dedication to work for a pound of privilege.


                      Now he lost is lost the future.


                      Husband everywhere, thousands of miles of distance.


                      Good-looking, not beautiful as live.


                      Nothing in the world is difficult if you put your heart into it.


                      The hen's ideal is a devil.


                      Lingyun tears in, ambition, mo yan.


                      Adversity is man's highest institution of higher learning.


                      Bitter think no hope, hard work look forward.


                      Once the matter in hand, you'll have to do.


                      Things often breach with people, things always in artificial.


                      Walk yourself's road, let others to say.


                      Died in concept, inspect died suddenly, such as return.


                      Prime not heavy, once a day in the morning.


                      Self-confidence and self-rliance are the mainstays of a strong.


                      With the body, and new way.


                      As long as you work hard, anything is possible.


                      Attendance is a cash cow, thrifty is the cornucopia.


                      Success is the result, but is not the goal.


                      Because expectation, just to be disappointed.


                      Fighting brilliance, state of fate.

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